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   ‘Mahamela 2017’ an interschool cultural festival, was conducted in our vidyalaya on 11th August 2017. We are committed in helping the student community of Trichy, display their talents in an effort to bring glory to their schools. The List of Competitions *1. *Group Singing* *2.* *Tale- Weavers- Story Writing in English* *3.* *Science Quiz* *4.* *Poster Making* *5.* *Re-Use & Re-Cycle- Collage making* *6.* *Kavidhai Ezhudhudhal- Poetry Writing in Tamil* *7.* *Dastangoi- Story Telling in Hindi* *8.* *Madhuravani- Solo Singing* *9.* *Nukkad Natak- Street Play in Hindi* *10.* *Admad- Adzap* *11.* *Vilayattu- game in Tamil* *12.* *Debate- In English* THE OVER ALL SHIELD OF MAHA MELA - 2017 WAS GIVEN TO MAHATMA GANDHI CENTENARY VIDYALAYA, WINNER ROLLING TROPHY TO KAMALA NIKETAN MONTESSORI SCHOOL AND THE RUNNER UP ROLLING TROPHY WAS GIVEN TO R.S.K HR. SEC. SCHOOL. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS.   

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on July 28 across the world in order to raise awareness about protecting nature and conserving our natural resources. In India, the increased urbanization has led to issues like lack of wildlife habitat, loss of forest cover and pollution. The government has recognized this as a problem and taken initiative to reverse it. We celebrated World Nature Conservation Day on July 15 2017. Around 70 students participated in the program enthusiastically in Planting Saplings. Students with great fervour, raised slogan in the rally to create awareness about Nature Conservation. Elocution on “Social responsibility of Students towards our Environment” was very clearly conveyed by our Young Speakers - Santhosh J K , Viyayesh A L , Iyan Raj S & Rukkumani S - of Class VIII   

Founder - Secretary

The School owes all its improvement down the years entirely to its Founder Secretary Vidya Seva Ratnam Sri K. Santhanam, B.Com, F.C.A. a leading Chartered Accountant of the town who incidentally till his demise was also the Secretary of the now 126 year old educational agency namely the National College Council.

  • To enhance and establish all round development of individual students.
  • To create a vibrant community, striving for excellence.
  • To mould students’ character and kindle their inborn potentials, enabling them to pursue progressive careers.
  • To enhance learning, logical thinking, comprehending and application of knowledge. Enforcing involvement, alertness and creativity.
  • Every child must be a winner in his/her area of interest.
  • Every single flower makes the garden beautiful. Every single child of our Vidyalaya is sure to make the country vibrant.
  • Imparting education not limited to the development of the intellect but including physical education, acquisition of knowledge, and development of skills, habits, attitudes and values.
  • To develop wise and caring people who help to create a peaceful world through inter-cultural understanding.