Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Vidyalaya School
Vision & Mission


Our mission is to provide top notch, affordable and holistic education to the students. We strive to create a vibrant learning environment that supports a community of students imbued with creativity and a drive to excel. While moulding our students into wise, competent and conscientious leaders seeking to build a better and a more inclusive future, we uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and moral compliance.


To enhance learning, creativity, logical thinking, comprehension and application of knowledge by fostering a unique learning experience
To empower the dreams and visions of each and every student to propel them to victory in his/her area of interest.
To bring out the distinctiveness in each student of our Vidyalaya and support them at every stage of their development
To provide value-based education to our students that makes them culturally aware, considerate and righteous
To be an archetype of global standards of scholastic excellence and nurture a caring, respectful and supportive environment for our staff and students

Every single flower makes the garden beautiful. Every single child of our Vidyalaya is sure to make the country vibrant.

The specialties of the Institution:

Appointment of well qualified, competent and experienced staff.
Inculcating a healthy spirit of curiosity in the students that allows them to actively participate in the learning process through questioning.
The strong emphasis on using English as the medium of communication in the School.
Free and compulsory coaching classes in all subjects on Saturday for 9th and 10th standard students.
Teaching students of all grades to work with computers
Pre Examination Counselling for X Standard Students.
Provision for a fleet of Vans / Buses to transport children from their homes to school and back, at a nominal cost.
Adequate provision for physical education.
Coaching and deputing students for participation in Inter – School Competitions held by outside Agencies.

Specific aims of the school:

To help students achieve academic excellence.
To impart value-based and skill-based education for the holistic development.
To provide the students with opportunities to bring out their talents and skills in extra- curricular activities.

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