Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Vidyalaya School
Academics, Activities and Assessments


All teachers use an interactive interface such as the smart class which is one of the recent advancements in edtech. It ensures the smooth conduct of classes by creating a stable learning environment to facilitate the teaching process.

Teachers also give hands-on demonstrations to reinforce the concepts taught. This unique learning approach helps with active learning aimed to fine-tune the understanding of key concepts.

Activities and Assessments

A healthy environment prevails for late bloomers. They are mentored and guided with extra care in the subjects they find challenging/difficult during extra hours. Apart from academic classes, extra-curricular activities like learning Spoken English, basic Robotics, Sports and cultural studies given a strong impetus and priority to facilitate all rounded development of our students.

A variety of clubs such as English, Maths, Arts and Music, Science, Hindi etc have been arranged in the school to motivate the students to be interactive with their social environment. Students are encouraged to participate in these clubs right from class III.

Achievers are recognised during the school Annual Day program. The students are divided into four houses namely Poorvanchal – red house, Vidhyanchal – blue house, Himalayas- green house, Nilgiris – yellow house. The students in these houses focus on aspects such as enforcing discipline, organising the assembly, maintaining the notice board, ensuring that english is the medium of communication used by students in classrooms and maintaining cleanliness.

During lockdown, because of COVID-19, classes have been held online using Google meet and other suitable video conferencing and edtech. The pandemic situation has been challenging and the institution braved all odds in ensuring uninterrupted lessons for the students by disseminating regular communication and vouchsafing their active participation in the digital classroom. Exams have been regularly conducted through online tools available in the Google suite.

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