“Goals are the links in the chain that connect activity to accomplishment”

The activities of the clubs – Eco & Heritage were inaugurated on 20/4/ 2022 Wednesday by our beloved principal madam Mrs.A. Poorna.

The Eco club came with the objective  of enhancing the linguistic skills of children. The club incharges

  1. i) Miss Karishma of XA – President
  2. ii) Miss Meenakshi of XC – Secretary

iii) Vagul sundarajan of XC – Treasurer

briefed the gathering with action plan of the club for the academic year 2022 -2023.

The Heritage club propounded the goal to sensitize the student, to explore the past by experiments and to preserve the values for the future.

The Heritage club incharges

  1. i) Miss Kavyalakshmi of XB – president
  2. ii) Mr.Hrishikesh of XA – Secretary

iii) Mr.Jayanth sarvesh of  XB – Treasurer

took the responsibility to feed the gathering by taking care of the monuments and  to replenish  their thoughts with the importance of  ancient culture .

So many programmes were conducted related to Eco and Heritage club .

  1. i) welcome address was given by Soumya of 8A

ii)K.G Tanishka of 9A and Charubala of 8 D performed Bharatanatyam to invoke the blessings of lord Ganesha.

iii) First to fifth standard spoke on deforestation,  good habits and great heroes .

  1. iv) Where words fail, music speaks- Group song sung by M. Abhinaya &M. Indumati of 7A and Haritha Sri of 8A
  2. v) Instrumentation- Veena performed by Shivani of 10 C and Aparna of 10 A.
  3. vi) PPT presentation was done by Muhammad Irfan Khan and Gurinder of class 9 b.

vii) kolatam was also performed by the students of 9th standard.

viii) Mime was  performed by our students of 10 standard related to women empowerment ix) Vote of thanks was proposed by  Ananya Sri of 8A .

The principal madam MRS.A. Poorna motivated the children to give active participation in the club activities in order to fulfil their vision.