The management organised Success Oriented Output Training Module on Emotional intelligence on
07/09/2023 for the class IX students.
Emotional intelligence is important for students because it helps them care for themselves and
others. Through the strengthening of these skills, learners can better assess their own needs, care
for others, and demonstrate respect for peers and elders, limiting conflict and miscommunication in
the learning environment. The content was
1. Team Bonding [Interpersonal Skills]
2. Emotional Intelligence
3. Attitude Building
The trainer Mrs Shantini Maria from Innate Talent interacted, inculcated, and inspired the students
on the following agenda: –
1. Interaction with Students about certain topics to identify their thoughts
2. Through activity making students to interact with in themselves and creating a bond among them
3. Team building activities and case studies
4. Story Telling regarding good habits
The students found the session very motivating, impressive and fun filled. It gave the students
confidence, interest, lesson on how to behave in public, showing gratitude towards parents and
teachers. The feedback we got from the students was outstanding and splendid. They liked the way
their mentor influenced them.